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This is the Current of JGrid DataGrid Component for Joomla. This component is built on the EXTJS framework providing professional level data grids to your Joomla website. The release for non-club members allows access to the JGrid component for Joomla. The administrator role is used to create and edit data grids. The Administrator can create multiple grids in a tab panel layout, add your column name, and add your data the the grids you create for publishing on your Joomla! Website.

If you choose to join the DATAGrid Club, you will have access to a version of the Jgrid Component for Joomla that allows the Administrator to enable various levels of multi user access from the Front End of Joomla. User access control can be set from just viewing, to specific user cell editing access, to full editing, row creation, multiple sheet creation, and ultimately user access control for other users to the sheets they create. A Joomla "module" with the same DATAGRID features is also available to Club Members. Try it now and use the forum to request new features. We are developing new features continuously and make them available to DATAGrid Club members for testing and beta use.

In JGrid! you'll notice:

  • A spreadsheet like data grid capability for Joomla Websites
  • Full Joomla backend capability to create custom datagrids with text, number, date, boolean and list box columns
  • A complete user access control system to control what indivisual "users" or group "roles" can do to specific grids, sheets in grids, or columns. Access Types range from no access to allowing users to control access for other users to data sheets they create. (DATAClub Members only)
  • A Joomla component (Pulic) and a module (DATACLUB Members only) are provided to allow full integration into your Joomla Website.
  • A step by step training video and forum for questions is provided to all.
  • Future Development plans are published in the forum, user recommended improvement ideas are welcome and will be conisdered for future update the the JGrid Code Base.

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