JGrid! Technical Features

4.0 Production Released for Free and CLUB USERS

12/30/2013 Major Upgrade to add SQL Querys, Charts, Formulas, Column Totals, and more see below:

  • Added support for Sencha EXTJS version 4.1
  • Added SQL Query support for any MYSQL database table
  • Added support to add JGrid columns to MYSQL query results
  • Added SQL views of JGrid data for General SQL querys on JGrid data
  • Added Calculation capability on any column using full javascript formula functions
  • Added Summary Row Capability to total / average / etc columns
  • Added Flash Movie Capability to Image Columns
  • Added Active Email popup from column or image popup
  • Added Locking Columns
  • Added Chart Windows with full set of chart, graph, capability as defined by EXTJS
  • Fixed List Column Filtering
  • Added resizing of popup image windows
  • Support resizing popup image windows
  • Correct Save issue on User Access Rules
  • Fixed editing by administrator of row creator assignment by administrator.
  • Make compatible with mysql "strict" standards to eliminate warnings on 3.0
  • Added support to modify Access Rights for JGrid users assigned to JOOMLA Default USER GROUPS
  • Fully upgraded online help system for 4.0

Also comes with a 150 page user manual for Club Users

This 4.0 release contains almost all the features you have asked for on the Forum over the last years. If you like it please endorse it on the Joomla Extension Directory. If you find issues please send them to me on the Forum so I can fix and skip the Joomla feedback until final release.

I hope you like it, more than 2 years of work...

We will release version 4.0 for Free users once we are sure 4.0 is stable based on early club user feedback. The Free version will include all 4.0 functionality except User Security Access Management, SQL Query creation to populate grids, JGrid Modules, and the 150 page users manual. If you need these features please purchase the club version for $49.95 for a year of download support or 129.95 for unlimited download of the club vault.

!!!! Always Backup your database first before you install !!!!!

3.2 RELEASED 5/04/2013 As the Final Release for version 3 for club users

!!!! All users who downloaded JGrid version 3.0 should upgrade immediately !!!!!

The JGrid Joomla Data Grid Component is now available for Joomla 3.1. This JGrid Component Provides Spreadsheet like data grids in a Tab Panel layout. Ideal for displaying tabular data and pictures with popups that in your Joomla site. The Club Version also allows you to provide editing rights to specific columns or cells for multi user data editing. Users can even be given the rights to add their own data sheets within the gird frameworks you create and the creator user can assign rights to other users as well. JGrid is easy to install and configure. Enjoy this unique upgrade to the Joomla community.

NEW in JGrid 2.4

  • Support for Grid Photos (Upload and Download)
  • CSV Upload Capability into Grid Columns
  • Colorized Grid Rows based on List Box user selections (Colors Defined from Backend Pallet)
  • Supports Joomla Roles (Public, Registered, Editor, etc) with Default User Access (Viewer, Editor, etc)
  • Jump to URL's and another Grid Sheet from grid cell or Image popup window
  • Supports remote database row grouping, sorting, filtering, and paging for large data sets
  • Multiline image tooltips and grid cells text
  • Download and Upload images with front end access control by default, role, or by user.



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