JGrid Release Notes

Version 4.44 Production Release 11/28/16

  • Fixed bug in Modules

Version 4.42 Production Release 6/12/16

  • Added Header Names to CSV Download
  • Fixed Joomla 3.51 incompatability with Joining sesson table
  • Fixed error on major version updates

Version 4.41 Production Release10/16/15

  • Corrected free version menus

Version 4.4 Production Release 9/07/15

  • Corrected move grid and column issue on backend
  • Correct add first row issue in new grid

Version 4.35 Production Release 1/09/2015

  •   Added functionality to remove printer driver if no grids are selected to print. A few user were having extension conflicts with the printer driver and this will allow them to remove the driver if grid printing is not required.

Version 4.34 Production Release 11/03/2014

  •   Fixed row Edit issue for non-admin users
  •   Fixed Boolean type rows.

Version 4.33 Production Release 9/28/2014

  •   Fixed Row Insert Issue
  •   Upgraded to EXTJS 4.2.3 with 190 bug fixes

Version 4.32 Production Release 9/26/2014

      * Fixed Sheet Copy issue 

Version 4.31 Production Release 9/22/2014

      * Moved grid printer code from backend to frontend to fix issues some user were having with site security

Version 4.3 Production Release 9/6/2014

       * Fixed CSV Upload and Download

Version 4.2 Production Release 7/30/2014

  • Fixed cell text wrap around
  • Fixed issue with grid row moving
  • Added support to add wildcards to email and URL fields to allow entry of ROWID or values from other columns in URL variables.
  • Allow a visible test description and hidden URL in Grid URL Cells.

Version 4.0 Production Release 12/29/2013

  • Fixed List Row Color Display on Front End
  • Fixed Column Resize issue
  • Fixed Printer date formatting issue.
  • Fixed Grid Grouping
  • Fixed Image UPload
  • Fixed delete role button in backend
  • Fixed Add Delete listbox values in backend and ordered front end listboxes alphabetically
  • fixed error on new sites with new php version by replacing mysql_real_escape with addslashes
  • fiixed cell and email urls to make them blue underline
  • Fixed text field height
  • fixed Grid Cell email and url links to make operational
  • Fixed editor not saving edits (regression introduced in beta 5 with EXTJS 4.2 but corrected)
  • Several trailing commas and punctuation that may be affecting internet explorer (IR).
  • Note works with all tested browsers for Joomla 2.5 and above, for the combination of Joomla 1.526 and JGrid 4.0 does not work (I can not figure out why, any help would be appreciated.
  • Upgraded Sencha EXTJS latest framework to version 4.2
  • Fixed initial rendering layout issue caused by scripts not being fully loaded before page began execution
  • Made column templates available after first selection for additional selections
  • Updated support for PHP 5.3 in CSV load
  • Fixed SQL Query type grid paging issue
  • Fixed SQL Qurey type grid lockup when first column added in configuration menu
  • Added Neptume and Sandbox Themes
  • Fixed wildcard regression
  • Filed Column Delete from Grid
  • Fixed wildcards on custom SQL Search
  • Fixed Hangup on First Column added if MYSQL type
  • Fixed Blank Screen when strict set on server
  • Added ability to Enter special characters " ' etc in grids
  • Fixed automated SQL Script on Custom Where clause

version 4.0Beta 8/11/2013

  • Upgraded Alpha 3 with no changes - several thousand uploads with no known issues. But Please put an issue on the forum if you find a problem
  • Fixed JQuery not leaded error in Joomla 3
  • Fixed typo in Sample data Install Script

version4.0Alpha 7/1/2013

  • Added support for Sencha EXTJS version 4.1.3
  • Added SQL Query support for any MYSQL database table
  • Added support to add JGrid columns to MYSQL query results
  • Added SQL views of JGrid data for General SQL querys on JGrid data
  • Added Calculation capability on any column using full javascript formula functions
  • Added Summary Row Capability to total / average / etc columns
  • Added Flash Movie Capability to Image Columns
  • Added Active Email popup from column or image popup
  • Added Locking Columns
  • Added Chart Windows with full set of chart, graph, capability as defined by EXTJS
  • Fixed List Column Filtering
  • Added resizing of popup image windows
  • Support resizing popup image windows
  • Correct Save issue on User Access Rules
  • Fixed editing by administrator of row creator assignment by administrator.
  • Make compatible with mysql "strict" standards to eliminate warnings on 3.0
  • Added support to modify Access Rights for JGrid users assigned to JOOMLA Default USER GROUPS
  • version 3.2 7/5/2013
  • Fixed conflict with destroy() function redeclaration on some systems
  • Strips AJAX string of bad characters added by other components to improve compatability
  • Support List Column Filtering, resizing popup image windows
  • Beta 4 2/18/2013 Support resizing popup image windows
  • Correct Save issue on User Access Rules and fixed editing by administrator of row creator assignment by administrator.
  • Also make compatible with mysql "strict" standards to eliminate warnings on 3.0
  • Added support to modify Access Rights for JGrid users assigned to JOOMLA Default USER GROUPS
  • latest version for Joomla 1.6 to 3.0. No beta available to Club Users at this time.

version 3.1 10/3/2012

  • Corrected bugs in initial release of 3.0

version 3.0 9/30/2012

  • Added Support for Joomla version 3.0

version 2.54 9/30/2012

  • Last Joomla 1.5 upgrade of functionality
  • Fixed bugs to allow access managers and sheet managers on front end to manage sheets properly
  • Fixed bug to stop non creator user from deleting row they did not create.
  • Fixed bugs in Global access rule for admin user
  • Enhanced JSON reads to discrgard error messages from other JOOMLA Components
  • Added new Global (All Grids) access rule to streamline access control for large number of grids
  • Made URL type cell link blue to indicate it is clicable
  • Fixed edit and add row buttons not showing when in edit mode on front end
  • Fixed error when CSV file uploaded with blank lines.
  • Added sort to username fields in backend and enabled type ahead to quickly find names in large sets of users
  • fixed csv upload for null value floating variables
  • fixed various sheet access management issues including, noaccess, creator, admin ability to change creator
  • fixed access rule (new rule) save on backend that was overwriting selected existing rule.
  • fix csv upload for boolean, date, and numeric values including dates with no value
  • added language translation for emptyMsg: "No results to display" in front end
  • fix csv upload issue with boolean values.

version 2.53 3/25/2012

  • Fixed remove messages in grid and column remove
  • Fixed add column to grid bug so columns add properly
  • Widened access rule object field and corrected
  • Fixed issue with combo box arrows that were on left now on right side of selection box
  • Fixed But in Joomla1.5 causing 1001 error in JGrid 2.52 release
  • Fixes access rules when public or default users are given no access, then specific users are given sheet or grid access
  • Fixed Admin user overrides when no access rules defined
  • Added capability to delete default sheet causing another sheet to become the default.
  • Fixed punctuation bug affecting some users or IE

version 2.52 3/11/2012

  • Fixed "add new column" so that cells are added for existing rows so they can be edited
  • Fixed RowEditor Issue on Date columns
  • Improved access control to allow no access then add back in user and role exceptions
  • Fixed remove list item from backend
  • Support for IE 9
  • Fixed Image Cell Formatting in Firefox
  • Fixed date cell updating issue
  • Fixed Multiple cell update issue
  • Fixed Image IFrame Launch issue.

version 2.51 2/10/2012

  • JGrid now fully Joomla 2.51 compatible

version 2.5 12/23/2011

Fixed a series of regressions that came in the Sencha 3.4 upgrade from JGrid version 2.4

  • Fixed general row editing problem
  • Fixed issue with Local Grouping
  • Fixed grid create bug so that new grid shows correctly when you create it
  • Fixed "creator role" to allow only row creator to see rows he creates
  • Fixed default rule so registered users properly default to access rules
  • Fixed Editing rights for default users in Club Version
  • Fix Save of Date Field cells (regression)
  • Fixed sheet copy function(regression)
  • Fixes save issue when default value is set for a list box

version 2.4.1 8/21/2011

  • Corrected PHP 5 copmatability issue to make Joomla 7 work correctly

version 2.4 8/6/2011

  • Made JGRID Joomla 1.7X compatable
  • Upgraded to extjs version 3.4 from Sencha
  • Added Title and column size to line number column to fix misallignment on some templates
  • Fixed Cell Update Function of slow servers
  • Added CSV download feature under edit/delete to allow download to excel etc
  • Added data type checks to CSV UPLOAD feature to prevent datatype mismatches
  • Added new column type to display a unique row ID. A request from users who manage issue lists with JGrid and want a unique tracking number
  • Fixed issue with adding new rows to number columns where default was set to null rather than a number causing database corruption. Now defaults to 0 if no default
  • Fixed editing issue on checkbox fields
  • Fixed Language File to work for Joomla 1.6.

version 2.3 5/8/2011

  • Fixes Browers IE8 issue on Backend
  • Fixes Remote, Sort, Grouping, Paging issue
  • Fixes issues with Edit Button
  • Adds new beta feature "Creator Roles" that allow various combinations of Row Creators, Users with same Role as Row Creator, Registered Users and the Public to edit and see rows based on who created the row. Applies to grid, sheet, or just a column.
  • Fixes Module for Joomla 1.6
  • Fixed Grid Delete Issue

version 2.2 4/5/2011

  • line editor tab skipping to next line from last column & associated edit problems
  • Module error line 59 helper this error on some systems
  • Fixes "Not Found" access manager list box issue
  • Allows up to 120 characters in Tab Panel Tab title.
  • Corrects Upgrade Issue where sample picture links overwrite name colum cells in first 2 rows.
  • Updates parameter defaults for download picture to yes and variable tab wiidth to no
  • Access Rule Type Pull Down Did not display list when no rules other rules existed
  • Parameter Language Translation on Joomla 1.6 backend
  • Fixed Remote Sorting and Grouping working together
  • Roles were not working properly preventing page load
  • Added CSV setting variables to allow various language characters
  • Fixed Document re-name, create, copy
  • Added application reference to access rules to keep them separate from component and modules
  • Fixed explorer display issue.
  • Still testing various access rule combinations
  • Fixed regression on Document create, rename, delete, etc
  • Fixed noaccess regression
  • Fixed access role/name backend list on some older systesms
  • Fixed picture copy and delete
  • Fixed calendar current date text
  • Alphabetized access manager user pulldowns
  • Fixed access rights bug on remove access
  • Made user pictures stay on server like database data on JGrid updates (were getting removed as part of code refresh)

version 2.1 3/3/2011

  • Fixed Column Add Bug
  • Added Tab Panel Width Setting Parameterversion 2.0 3/1/2011 Added EDIT/VIEW Toggle switch on Front End to support Images Functionality
  • Added Support for Grid Photos (Upload and Download)
  • Added CSV data upload capability
  • Added Colorize Grid Rows based on selector column values
  • Added Support for Joomla default roles access control (Guest Editor, Administrator, etc)
  • Added support for Grid URLs to launch to WEB on click
  • Added support to jump to other gird-sheets from picture popup.
  • Added remote sorting and grouping
  • Added Multiline Grid Cell Text
  • Joomla 1.6 support
  • EXT JS 3.3 Support
  • version 1.1.4 Bug Fixes in Modules
  • version 1.1.3 10/22/2010 Fixed print button setting check box in backend
  • Fixed date editing problem
  • Fixed club version cell editing issue

Version 1.1.2 9/7/2010

  • Added Tab Scrolling
  • Fixed bug that prevented saving new grids and editing front end on some older systems
  • Fixed a tooltip translation issue
  • Made Tab Panel Application name editable per forum request
  • Made column widths editable (bug correction)
  • Corrected user access issue on some systems to allow Administrator, Super Administrator, and Manager Fron End edit rights.
  • Made front end grid printing selectable per forum request

Version 1.1.1 8/21/2010

  • Removed view that caused install problems in some hosted sites and modified code to query without view

Version 1.1 8/17/2010

  • Fixed potential security threat in jgrid.php files in front and back end. Was not a real threat (appended .php prevented SQL Insertion) but added exact check of $controller variable for legal values only

Version 1.0 8/14/2010

  • Initial Release Rick Macintosh

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